When is the 2021 EO LACademy?

The event will be hosted from 30 September – 4 October 2021. More information about the agenda is available here [link to agenda page].

Where will the 2021 EO LACademy be held?

The event will be held in Galápagos [insert hotel name as soon as available]. More information is available here [link to hotel and travel page].

Will I need a visa to visit Ecuador?

While citizens from many countries do not need a visa to visit Ecuador, please check ahead of the event to find your country’s specific visa requirements.

[We need to insert Covid travel requirements here.]

How should I travel to Galápagos?

You need to plan to arrive in Quito International Airport (UIO) anytime on Thursday 30th of September.   A domestic charter flight is being arranged and included with your registration, departing the morning of Friday, 1st of October and returning from Galápagos Island on Monday 4th of October after breakfast.   Specific times will be confirmed soon and posted here.

Plan your international flight out of Quito, for the afternoon of Monday 4th of October, unless you plan to extend your stay, either in Galápagos (a separate one way out of Galápagos will need to be purchased) or in Quito. 

How can I get from the airport to the event?

Answer to follow.

Where should I stay while in Galápagos?

Answer to follow.

Will there be a dress code?

Answer to follow.

What language will this event feature?


Where can I send additional questions?

For answers to your questions, please send an email to eolacademy@eonetwork.org.